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Ugh, baby names

When we first found out we were having a girl I was SO excited to start talking baby names with Andy. In the past we’ve thrown out names we’ve liked and we were always on the same page. Now that we’re doing this FOR REAL, we have completely different tastes! I bought a baby name book and we both went through it and wrote down names that we liked. I decided I was going to be open to anything that either of us came up with at this point. We came up with a list of 100 names and for about a week we went through it every night and continued to narrow it down. We stopped for a bit at our top 7- his top 3, my top 3, and one name we both like but it’s kind of trendy right now so we’re not sure we really want to use it.

Since we seemed to be at an impasse, I decided to go to a baby name website and post the names in a forum and ask for feedback. Well, people thought the name we both like was too trendy, they loved two of my 3 names and they didn’t like any of Andy’s. That was great but my goal here isn’t to win, it’s to find a name that we both like and agree on. We then each narrowed it down to one top name each. The problem is that he isn’t that fond of my name and there is no way in hell that his name will ever be the first name of our daughter.

So now this isn’t fun anymore. We’ve decided to table the discussion until after Thanksgiving and see how we feel afterwards. I furiously comb baby name websites and get daily emails, trying to find other names that I might like but I can’t seem to get off of this one name. Stay tuned to see how this all pans out…

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So for the 18 months before I got pregnant I was pretty much gluten-free, with occasional cheats. Normally when I eat gluten I feel really sick and throw up and my brain feels really foggy. It’s not a good feeling at all and I try to avoid it 99% of the time. However, ever since I got pregnant I’ve been able to eat gluten again. I discovered it during my first trimester when I was so sick and was desperate to keep anything down. I’ve had a few gluten-filled treats here and there and I was shocked that I had no physical reaction. I’ve kind of been going a little crazy with bread and sweet treats this month and I should probably tone it down. But I’m certainly enjoying feeling “normal” again, although I really do try to limit my gluten consumption. I talked to another friend who is gluten-free and the same thing happened to her! I know it’s not good for my body but I’m going to enjoy at times it while I can because I know after I have this baby I will have to go back to being gluten-free.

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It’s a girl!

So first I took the over the counter gender test and it said girl so I got hopeful. And at the amnio today, before we even needed to wait for the results, we saw 100% that she was a girl. YAY! I am really excited and Andy is too. Now the fun part- thinking of names!

I have to say that amnio really isn’t as bad as everyone says. Most of the appointment is the ultrasound where they take pictures and measure the baby. That part lasted about 20-30 minutes. Andy and I were both facing a flat screen TV with her image on it so we spent the time just checking her out and watching her move around. She does not stay still for very long! At the end of the appointment the doctor comes in and performs the amnio. The needle isn’t nearly as big as everyone says and to me it just felt like giving blood or getting your blood taken. It was nothing. It was a little freaky to see the needle on the screen because they keep the ultrasound going while performing the amnio.

I haven’t been so great about taking pics but I’m attaching one of me at 13 weeks that shows my belly bump. This was taken right before I left to go to the Maroon 5/Train concert.

She looks like she's smoking but those are her fingers

As the image says: facedown!!

As the image says: facedown!!

me at 13 weeks

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