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My December 29 ultrasound was a stark contrast to the early December ultrasound. She was not happy at all! You could actually see her crying on the screen when viewing her in 3D and she was clearly not happy. It looked like she kept trying to get away from the ultrasound too. It made me laugh. I couldn’t help it.

Crying- not a happy camper today.

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It’s worth it

I’ve been hearing the phrase “it’s worth it” a lot lately. Probably because I’ve been such a complainer about my pregnancy symptoms. Today I took the glucose test and drinking all of that sugar made me feel drunk and gave me a headache. And since I’m a Facebook addict of course I had to post about it.  Many commenters sympathized with me and at least one person said “it’s worth it.” Instead of agreeing I just rolled my eyes.

It just got me thinking- from my perspective I have absolutely no idea if it’s worth it or not. Maybe it’s just me, but as a first time mom I’m finding that I really can’t grasp that phrase. Every time I hear it I feel my eyes practically roll out of my head or feel that my feelings are being dismissed.

I think some of it stems from worry. My sister did everything right and she had a full term stillborn baby. I wonder, would she still say it was worth it? I have no idea and I don’t plan on asking her. I certainly have a fear of that happening to me so maybe that’s why I feel this way.

I really think that once your baby arrives and you know that she’s healthy and things are ok that you probably do say that it was worth it. I just don’t feel like I can say that right now since despite what the doctor says I don’t know for sure that everything really is alright. Does it make me a bad person that I’m not there yet? I don’t think so. I’m just being honest about my feelings. In my opinion it’s like most things about being a parent- it’s impossible to understand until you’ve been there.

So please, the next time you tell me that it’s worth it and I roll my eyes or give you a blank stare, take a minute to understand where I’m coming from. I’ll be there someday too. I just have to get there first.

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Baby name harassers

It’s always something when you’re pregnant, isn’t it? People ALWAYS ask if you have a name for your baby and I really don’t mind the question. It’s just what comes after it that can sometimes be annoying. When we didn’t have a name, people loved to suggest names. That was fun and entertaining and I didn’t mind humoring people but I had looked through a book that had 25,000 baby names, already had a list, and didn’t really need (or ask for) the help.

Well, now that we HAVE a name, we’ve decided to keep it a secret until the baby is born. I’m going to repeat that, WE ARE GOING TO KEEP HER NAME A SECRET UNTIL SHE IS BORN. Apparently that statement isn’t very clear because 9 times out of 10, people take it to mean that if they guess her name we’ll tell them what it is on the spot.  What part of the above statement do they not understand? Judging from all of the kicking going on in my belly, I’m pretty sure she’s still in there so I’m not going to tell you her name!!

The other day Andy had a great idea while we were at a party. He gave the guests one clue and everyone wrote down their baby name guess on a piece of paper and donated $1.  If one of them guessed the correct name they’d win the money…AFTER she was born and we revealed her name. If not, the money is ours! I’m thinking this might be a fun, new strategy to keep the guessers at bay. No one at the party guessed the name so we’re already up $12. I wonder how much we can make between now and March 21??  🙂

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I wish I enjoyed pregnancy more. I know there are women who can’t get pregnant and would love to be in this position. People comment all the time that I should enjoy this time in my life and while it has it’s moments (I do love it when she moves and kicks!), overall I just don’t. Like right now, it’s 4am and I’m waiting for Andy to get back from Safeway with medicine for me.

On Wednesday night I had that familiar tickling in my throat that signaled a cold was coming on. I came home from work and took it easy all night but that didn’t seem to help. I felt awful on Thursday morning and called in sick to work. I called my doctor’s office and the receptionist reminded me that the packet that they had given me a while back listed the few meds I could take while pregnant. I read it and it also warned that the meds could pass through to the baby and the best thing to do was rest and drink water. Well, I tried that for 24 hours. But tonight I’ve gotten 2 hours of sleep, I can’t breathe and I can’t stop sneezing. I need some relief. I can’t be that superwoman who doesn’t take any meds. It’s just not happening. I’m miserable and want to crawl out of my skin! Or really just remove my head from my body. 

Andy just got back from the store. No pharmacies are open this early so I can’t get any Sudafed (thanks all you idiot meth heads for making me suffer!). Looks like the other approved medicine Robitussin will have to work for now. At the very least I am hoping it will help me sleep. 

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Yes, I am totally cheating and backdating this post because I meant to write it but I just never had the time. Sue me!  🙂 Andy and I went to Ohio for Thanksgiving. And while I was really happy that we got to spend time with my family, I got painful cankles from the flight! In case you don’t know what cankles are, it’s when your ankles swell and merge with your calf so your leg looks like one continuous stream and doesn’t narrow at the bottom. Not only are they unattractive, which was the least of my worries, they are quite painful. After we arrived in Ohio, it took about 2 days of constantly elevating my feet to get rid of them. I felt like by the time they went down it was time to turn around and fly home and get them again. At least I know that I won’t be flying again while pregnant!

The other fun thing I’ve had to deal with is carpal tunnel pain. Luckily it was only for about 12 hours but it will probably come back. After I got home from our AAA company Christmas party I had this pain in my arms between my wrist and elbow that would NOT go away. Tylenol didn’t help and no position made the pain lessen. It was awful and I didn’t get much sleep that night. Then the next day, which was a Sunday, I spent the entire day with the same relentless nerve pain in my legs that did not respond to Tylenol or any position I tried to sit or lay down in. I don’t think it was carpal tunnel and it did go away by Monday morning.  I feel like I’m complaining a lot but after changing my diet and feeling so good all the time, it’s hard to never know when I might feel bad and to know I have no way of controlling it. I know it could be worse and I try to keep that in mind but it’s not easy!

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I have to say that one benefit of having this fibroid that I’ve really enjoyed is getting to see my baby every month. My December 2 ultrasound was my favorite one because she was actually smiling! Take a look:


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