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January Ultrasound

It’s so fun to see these ultrasounds and see how much she changes every month. Her face is really filling out and I just love her chubby cheeks and cute little lips. She even opened one eye while we were looking in at her and that was really cool! It’s a little creepy but kind of cool at the same time.

One eye open!

Chubby cheeks and cute lips

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My dad came out the weekend after our baby shower to paint the baby’s room and also help me put together the crib and dresser and some other baby stuff. It was such a great help to have him out here. I would have loved for Andy and I to do it but he’s not a painter and his strengths don’t include putting together furniture so it was really great that my dad was able to come out and help.

Instead of the usual pink for girls, I decided that I wanted a red accent wall and white furniture. I do like pink but when it came to actually painting the walls pink I just couldn’t do it. Someday if she wants a pink wall I’ll do it for her but since this was my decision I of course drifted toward my preference for primary colors. 🙂

Dad got here on Friday afternoon so he painted the wall on Friday while I worked from home. Saturday morning around 8:30 we started putting together furniture and we finished the crib, dresser, bassinet, swing, and chair in about 4 hours! It was such a great feeling to have it all done. Then I was able to move forward with organizing her room.

Here's dad taping the wall before painting

Painted wall, crib and dresser

In addition to the crib and dresser, we put the swing, chair and bassinet together too!

Aunt Laura is painting a few canvases that will hang above her crib

Her changing table- her name will go on the wall above the table

Window side of room

Window side of her room





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Baby Shower #1

We had our first baby shower on Saturday, January 14. My friend Kristi who lives in Dallas offered to throw me the shower and she even flew out here for the event. It was hosted at my co-worker Maureen’s house and my sister-in-law Laura Smith Blair and my friend Laura Alvarez were also hostesses.

Maureen’s house in Kentfield was perfect for this beautiful day. The weather was unseasonably warm and even though it was the rainy season it was a sunny day so we had a great time both indoors and outdoors.

It was great to see old friends that we hadn’t seen in a while and everyone was so generous. We got a lot of stuff from our registry and that was super helpful. It was also great to have Kristi in town from Dallas and was fun that we got to catch up in person and she could also see me pregnant in person.

Andy’s friend Mark took tons of pictures that day. I wish I could post them all but here are a few:



Me with Maureen, who generously hosted at her house

Check out the nice spread

Andy and I with our wonderful hostesses: Laura Smith Blair, Kristi, Laura Alvarez and Maureen

View of Mt. Tam from Maureen's backyard

Andy and I know a lot of Lauras. Here we are with Laura, Laura and Laura. 🙂

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Candy bar addict?

I think I am turning into a candy bar addict. For the past few weeks, I go crazy if I don’t have chocolate right when I want it. For the past 3 days, Andy has called me on his way home from work to see if I need anything and I will tell him to bring me two 3 Musketeers bars to eat that night. That is, if I haven’t already stopped at CVS on MY way home from work to get them.

Even though I ask Andy to bring me two, he usually brings me three and I will eat two on the spot and save one for after dinner. What is going on with me? I hate knowing all that I know about nutrition because it just adds even more guilt. I feel so guilty for eating crap because I know it’s not the best for the baby. But I also feel like I’ve tried all of my tricks and the craving is just too powerful.

Today I felt like I hit an all time low. I work from home on Fridays and today I knew I was having a couple of packages delivered so I went to the office around 4pm to pick them up. Even though I have delicious dinner cooking in the crock pot, this errand necessitated a stop at 7-11 and I ended up with FOUR candy bars! The 3 Musketeers and Twix were gone before I got home. The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Snickers are being inhaled, I mean consumed, as I type this. 

I feel like no matter how healthy I want to eat, I just can’t conquer these cravings. Sugar cravings have always been a battle for me and being pregnant has made no difference. I really hope that I don’t end up with gestational diabetes although if I do, it will at least force me to quit eating crap. At this point I’m just listening to my body, even if it doesn’t do what I agree with. And I really hope my baby doesn’t come out a sugar addict!


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