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My Birthday

My birthday was a great day! My last day at work was the day before on Friday, Feb 24 and I was happy to have a few weeks off to rest and get things ready for the baby.

My sister-in-law’s mom Marge had offered to have a ladies lunch for me on that day and it happened to coincide with my birthday. It wasn’t a birthday lunch, per se, but really one last lunch before I had the baby. So it was Marge, my sister-in-law Laura, my niece Kayla, and then Natalie and her mom Anne. We went to Il Fornaio in Walnut Creek. We had a really nice time and it was great to visit with them and catch up.

I came home in the afternoon and just read and took a nap. It was really nice and relaxing. Then for dinner Andy and I went to my favorite steak place, Fleming’s, to celebrate my birthday. I had my favorite meal: filet mignon (medium rare), macaroni and cheese and carrot cake for dessert. I also enjoyed a glass of champagne as well. It was a really nice day and my birthday will be so different next year with a baby around!

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So I had my last ultrasound on Friday, Feb 24. That also happened to coincide with my last day at work. And tomorrow’s my birthday so YAY! What a great birthday present! Even though I’m not due until March 21, in California you can take off up to 4 weeks before your due date if your doctor puts you on disability. I have had crazy foot and ankle swelling every day so my doctor decided it was time for me to stop working. The swelling was getting so bad that this last week at work I’ve only been able to wear flip flops because the rest of my shoes won’t fit anymore. Take a look at these nasty cankles!


I had to leave work for a bit on my last day to get my last ultrasound before the baby comes. I was sad it was the last one but happy that in about a month I will be meeting her in person! We got all sorts of faces from her this time.

Content face

Side view

This one she has her tongue out!



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Baby Clothes

This is going to be one well-dressed little girl. Between baby showers and clothes handed down from friends, look at all of the clothes! Thanks to everyone for your generosity.

Mountain of clothes, sorted by size

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Work baby shower

On February 2, my insurance marketing co-workers at AAA threw me a baby shower. It was really sweet and we got some nice stuff for the baby. I didn’t get any pictures but it was fun to take a break from the crazy work day and hang out. I had to laugh because at the time I was having a crazy craving for donuts so they made sure to have donuts at the shower. I think I ended up eating 3 or 4 of them. I can’t help it! This baby is turning me into a complete sugar addict!

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