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I really, really enjoyed maternity leave. I would go to downtown Walnut Creek or downtown Danville and just walk around and explore the shops and have lunch at a restaurant. It was really nice. Eliza loved those walks too. She just watched people and the scenery and it was very calm and peaceful for both of us!

We attended two graduations in June- Eliza’s cousin Kayla’s graduation from 8th grade and Andy’s graduation for his Montessori certification. Kayla’s graduation was outside and right about the time that the kids were giving speeches, Eliza decided to scream bloody murder. I ended up walking far away from everything so people couldn’t hear her screams. She did a little better at Andy’s graduation. I fed her during the ceremony so she was happy and quiet after that!

On Father’s Day we went over to Andy’s parents house and it was nice to see everyone. All of her cousins love her but Eliza’s cousin Siena is especially in love with her so I know she was glad to see her, although she wasn’t much fun for Siena since all she wanted to do was eat and sleep.

Eliza’s first wedding was Miche and Allen’s wedding in Aptos. It was at a beautiful venue at the top of a hill but the downfall was that you couldn’t drive up there and had to take a shuttle. So we had to lug all of Eliza’s stuff up with us because we couldn’t leave when we wanted to. I almost didn’t go but I’m glad I changed my mind. It was nice to see many of our friends and have them meet Eliza. She was SO GOOD. I nursed her through the ceremony to keep her quiet and she just hung out or slept the remainder of the time. She even sat quietly next to us in her car seat while dinner was served. I don’t know how we got so lucky but I’m so glad we have a baby who loves to be out and about. It’s fun to watch her relax and take in the world.




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Eliza at 3 months:
Weight:~11 pounds
Clothing size: newborn and some 0-3 months
Diaper size: Pampers 1
Likes: long walks
Dislikes: wet or poopy diaper. must be changed immediately!
Naps: no morning nap but sleeps 3 hours in the afternoon

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Houston Trip

May was also the month that I traveled alone with Eliza to Houston to see my family and attend my sister Grace’s graduation. I was so nervous but my fears were unfounded because the travel part turned out great! On the way there I was waiting to board the plane with the baby in the Bjorn and all of my gear when a woman approached me and asked me if I wanted to sit in first class. At first I thought she was joking. But then she told me that she had been upgraded because her husband had miles and she felt guilty and she thought I looked like I could use a first class seat. Why yes I could! I was SO grateful for her generosity. Another woman sitting in first class helped me off of the plane and held Eliza while I put together her stroller and brought me to the United lounge so I could change her diaper. I expected everyone to hate me because I brought a baby on the plane but people were so nice!

My trip to Houston was great. I saw friends and spent time with family and Eliza got to meet her Texas family! Her cousins just LOVED her and she loved them too. Madison and Matt would always fight to hold her. Eliza also really loved Yasman. She was so calm and chill when Yasman was holding her. Wendy, George Ann, and Miriam threw a really nice baby shower at La Madeline too. Eliza got tons of cute clothes, shoes and socks!

Eliza does not like the heat and humidity. Who could blame her? Many times when I would take her out of the car she would cry until we got into air conditioning!

Eliza has always been a good sleeper but when we were in Houston she started sleeping 9-10 hours a night. I couldn’t believe it! Before, she was sleeping 6-7 hours a night and I was fine with that but this was even better! I was worried it might be a fluke but it wasn’t- it continued when we got back home!

While we were there I also had my mom’s photographer friend do a session with Eliza. I thought the pictures turned out great! She was a real ham but as soon as she was tired of it she was DONE!

I also discovered that Eliza may not be a fan of graduations. She cried through most of Grace’s graduation and my stepmom Cathy’s sister Linda was the only one who could calm her.


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