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Eliza is so much fun lately and is talking up a storm. Here is a summary of her exciting new developments. This is probably more interesting to us and her grandparents but I wanted to get it down so we could look back and remember someday!

She’s discovered how to turn on lights and open the garage door so every time we go into a room she points and says “ights” and we have to let her turn them on or she gets mad. Then every morning when we leave and evening when we get home she points and says “garage” and we have to let her open the garage.

Standing up

Standing up

And she’s started asking for specific foods by name too. She’ll say “eat it” and then ask for cumber (cucumber), cchini (zucchini), auby (strawberry), salmon or meat.

She loves to play peek-a-boo and will cover her face with her clothes.

She is all of a sudden into tummies and she’ll lift up her shirt and point and say “tummy” and then she’ll lift up mine or Andy’s shirt and say “tummy” and stick her finger into our belly buttons.

If you say 1 she will say 2, 3. Check out the video of that here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-947NZXZt6E

The other day I told her she was my baby and she said “No, no I not.”

She LOVES sitting in the cart while we shop and she’ll say hi, smile and talk to people and will repeat “happy happy happy” while we are walking through the store. I think it’s safe to say that shopping makes her happy!

She points to pictures of other babies and herself and says “baby.” We tell her when the baby is her but I’m not quite sure that she gets it. But then yesterday she pointed to a picture of herself on the fridge and said “me!”

She loves books and will point to her books and say “book, book.” I hope she always loves books!

Standing in her cib

Standing in her crib

She’s also standing up a lot and pulling up on everything. She loves to practice standing up and sitting down and she recently started to balance without holding onto anything. She likes to try and walk a little when we hold her hands but mostly she just likes to stand. She’ll stand up in her crib and turn on the sound on her sleep sheep.

On Friday we were going to dinner and we put on our shoes and she said “shoes” and pointed at her shoes and wanted to wear hers too. We don’t normally put shoes on her since she’s not walking yet but I guess we’ll do it more now since she’s showing interest. She usually only wears shoes when we take her on neighborhood walks because she drags her feet in her car. She says “socks” too but she doesn’t wear those very often since it’s been hot.

She is still obsessed with dogs and excitedly points them out whenever she sees one.

Riding in her car

Riding in her car

She loves her evening walks around the neighborhood in her little princess car. She waves to people and points and screams excitedly when she sees a doggie. She starts panting with happiness when we tell her she is going on a walk. Just like a doggie!

She routinely picks up my phone and holds it up to her ear and says “grandma.” One day she picked up her bottle of sunscreen and tried to call grandma.

Andy taught her how to give “5” and how to do knuckles. So she’ll say “knuckles” and hold out her fist for you to bump knuckles. It’s hilarious.

And last but not least…My favorite part of every morning is picking out her clothes. We stand in front of Eliza’s closet, she points and says “this” and picks out her dress. I take it off the hanger and give it to her. She hugs and kisses it and smiles and laughs. After I put it on she pats her chest and says “dress.” It’s the cutest thing EVER.

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