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How old are you? 5

Favorite color: pink and purple

Favorite animal: dogs and cats and horses and unicorns

Favorite book: My Little Pony books

Favorite TV show: Ruby & Max, Team Umizoomi and My Little Pony 

Favorite Movie: Trolls 

Favorite Song: The Trolls song Justin Timberlake and the other Justin Timberlake who sings that song and Justin Beaver and Taylor Swift and…that’s all

Favorite Food: sprinkles and chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes and the white sugar cookies and also broccoli

Favorite drink: water

Favorite breakfast food: chocolate chip cookies (this is a lie) 

Favorite snack: squeeze packs

Favorite outfit: That’s a hard one. The baby horse and the mommy horse.

Favorite game: Chutes and Ladders

Favorite toy: Raisin (her stuffed animal dog)

Who is your best friend: Mommy, Raisin, Sophia, Tyler, Shayna, Siena and my cousin Tyler

Favorite thing to do: Go to Disneyland

Favorite thing to do outside: I have no idea

Favorite holiday: Halloween and Christmas and Easter because then the Easter Bunny gives me eggs

What do you take to bed with you at night: Mommy (another lie)

Favorite place to go: Disneyland 

Favorite restaurant: In-N-Out Burger

Where do you want to go on vacation: Disneyland 

What do you want to be when you grow up: a zookeeper 

What did you do on your birthday? I played with my friends at school and I also went to In-N-Out Burger. I also got this doll for my birthday.

What’s your favorite store? Five Little Monkeys and Target

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